There are so many things you could think, feel, and believe! In general, gods do not give a shit what kind of opinions you choose to have, especially on stuff as trivial as "whether or not they exist". Unfortunately! We appear to be in a Time Of Crisis!!! which kinda means it's about time to start giving a shit about I couldn't even tell you how many formerly inconsequential details. You never know which grain of rice might tip the scales, you know????

Thanks for being so understanding. You know, I Consider You A True Friend. Otherwise I would never DARE be as honest and vulnerable with you as I'm being now. This is my honest and vulnerable side, by the way. I'm a goddess, by the way. Like an ancient one. Like I existed before your pathetic civilization crawled its way out of the muck. Thank you for being so understanding. I'm just frustrated. Humans Are Supposed To Worship, but that big cloudy asshole keeps sucking up all the sacrifice for himself! Whatta capitalist, amirite?

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