Samantha's 1st appearance

Samantha Edit

Samantha (Who often shorten's it to "Sam") Is some dog. Her age is roughly the same as Lily's (27??) and coincidentally was also one of Lily's exes. She also happens to be a similar sagittarius to LIly's same sign.

The events of GHOSTZONE F*CK$LUT depicted Lily finding Sam's presence warm & comforting. That's because the events of "Fuckslut 1" take place in a "vague narrative dream" which obfuscates facts for felt feelings.

In reality, Lily & Sam's breakup was rough!


Some unknown time passed since the two broke up and I guess Sam stole and started riding a badass bike around. It was cool until some transphobe asshole ran her off the road! Causing her bike to explode engulfing her with it.!

I guess she now exists as a ghost. I guess? Or maybe not & that was just a "dream ghost" ya idk. Lily never asked so it's unclear. It doesn't highly matter cause she's kinda a one-off! (who's spicy?)

Sam X nykalily gayy
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