~Nutmeg Vignette~ is a game meant to serve as a teaser to the upcoming game Nutmeg Island


The game was designed by Nykalily Dear based on a shared collective setting with Zephyr Dear, and was designed in the Bitsy engine.

The game was originally created for Adam Le Doux's One Room Bitsy Jam This is why the game only carries "one" functional map in light of the jam's theme.

gameplay Edit

Nutmeg Vignette is a game where the player explores a teaser for an island as a ghost named Meeble. The first map is a scenic shore, only to lead into a corrupted broken 2nd map when the player attempts to proceed. Signs on the shore in map 1 warn the player not to proceed, but doing so allows one to talk to several unique npc's including The Spider Queen Who's presence is features a bit more prominently then the other npcs in the teaser.


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